Our History

Founded in 2015, Soltection is a solar transition and combiner box manufacturer serving residential, commercial and utility-grade distributors across the country. We are committed to delivering our clients superior customer service, offering unmatched industry expertise and meeting aggressive delivery requirements anywhere in the US, every day.

Ryan McClister Soltection General Manager

Our Leadership

Under the leadership of Soltection General Manager Ryan McClister, our team of product-knowledge specialists strives to deliver precisely what our clients need, and in record time.

“We understand our installers’ needs and challenges. That’s why we offer high-quality, installer-focused products at competitive prices. Plus, we have some of the fastest lead times in the industry.”

~ General Manager Ryan McClister

Our Products

Soltection manufactures the highest-rated UL 1741-listed products on the market. Our versatile balance-of-system (BOS) product line includes transition boxes, combiner boxes and J boxes. They are lightweight, easy to install, affordable and deliver the highest emissivity value of all metallic and nonmetallic solar components.

Commercial and utility-scale products offer flexible configurations to meet the unique specifications of every project.



Our flexible residential solar transition boxes come in a variety of standard configurations to meet every need of the residential solar installer. Our vast supplier network and FAST delivery guarantee mean that your clients never have to wait.

Soltection Commercial


Discover our full-spectrum line of reliable, economical, top-of-the-line solar transition and combiner boxes – everything you need to serve commercial clients of all sizes.


Utility-scale clients depend on our versatile, built-to-order units, configurable to meet unique and rigorous project specs. Advanced disconnect capabilities offer enhanced control and efficiency.