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Select and download our full product catalog, an entire category or individual spec sheets for our residential, commercial and utility-scale BOS solar transition, combiner and J boxes. All the information you need is just a click away!

Residential Solar Transition Boxes

RJ-1 Rooftop Junction Box

RU-2-LP DC-String Transition Box

RU-1-LP AC-String Transition Box

RU-2 DC-String Transition Box

RU-1 AC-String Transition Box

Commercial Solar Transition Boxes

CUF Series Transition Boxes

Commercial Solar Combiner Boxes

RF-3, RF-4, RF-6 Grounded Combiner Boxes

RF-8, RF-12 Grounded Combiner Boxes

RF-2-3, RF-2-4, RF-2-6 Ungrounded Combiner Boxes

Utility-Scale Solar Disconnect Combiner Boxes

Series CDF:HV 1500V Disconnect Combiner Boxes

Series CDF 1000V Disconnect Combiner Boxes

Spec Sheets by Category

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Full Commercial Catalog

Full Utility-Scale Catalog

Complete Soltection Catalog